Your links to data about the big-picture issues of veterinary practice

Your links to data about the big-picture issues of veterinary practice

Aug 01, 2007

Malpractice and the recall
Perceived legal effects of the 2007 pet food recall

Trends in veterinary malpractice claims, 2007

Record-keeping practices, as seen by primary care practitioners and specialists, 2007

Veterinarians' sources of information about pet food, 2007

Percentage of veterinarians who changed their nutritional recommendations after the pet food recall, 2007

Percentage of veterinarians who recommend home-cooked or raw food diets to clients, 2007

Low-cost and no-cost care
Percentage of veterinarians who say they're morally obligated to provide low-cost care, 2007

Giving back to the community
Dr. Kate F. Hurley
Dr. W. Marvin Mackie
Dr. Kevin Concannon

Percentage of veterinarians who offer discounted care to clients and organizations, 2007

Percentage of veterinarians who give to animal-health organizations and how they do it, 2007

Family and career
Percentage of veterinarians who have children, by gender, 2007

Percentage of veterinarians who believe having a family affects their earning potential, by gender, 2007

COMMENTARY: Family-work balance

Percentage of veterinarians who've considered leaving the profession to raise a family, by gender, 2007

COMMENTARY: Kids and earning potential

Salaries and benefits
Comparison of associate and owner veterinarian, and physician salaries, 2001 to 2006

COMMENTARY: Salaries for veterinarians and MDs

Comparison of dental and veterinary team pay, by years in school, 2005 and 2006

Comparison of specialists' compensation and operating margins at referral hospitals, 2006

Comparison of veterinarian and physician work hours, 2006

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