Wanted: New faces on our Veterinary Economics advisory board

Wanted: New faces on our Veterinary Economics advisory board

Want to be part of the elite team that advises Veterinary Economics? Let us know!
Jan 01, 2012

If it weren't for the team of veterinary practitioners, practice managers, and financial and management consultants who make up the Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board, we wouldn't be able to put out a magazine every month. These individuals write for us, answer our questions, keep us up to date on hot topics, care deeply about the profession, and are generally just all-around wonderful people.

Now, it's been awhile since we've added anyone new to the board—partly because those who currently belong do such a wonderful job. But in order to keep things fresh, we're hoping to add a few new members. We're particularly light on women in practice, and we'd love to have some more folks who are doing amazing things with online technology.

Here's what we ask our board members to do:

> Suggest or contribute articles to the magazine and http://dvm360.com.

> Identify veterinary practitioners, team members, consultants, and professional trailblazers to feature in the magazine and online.

> Share your expertise in interviews (usually by phone).

> Consult with editors for strategic planning purposes.

> Attend our annual board meeting during CVC Kansas City, if possible (registration for the conference fee is comped for board members).

> Consider participating in CVC and other speaking opportunities, if public speaking is up your alley.

> Write exclusively for Veterinary Economics and http://dvm360.com. (Part of what makes us special is that material from our core contributors can't be found in any other veterinary-specific publications.)

We often ask new board members to join for one year, after which we'll both stop and evaluate if we want to continue the relationship further. (Usually we do.) Are you interested in joining our team? If so, let me know at the e-mail address below. I look forward to hearing from you—and possibly working with you on the board in 2012 and beyond!

Kristi Reimer, Editor

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