Vets Ask Dr. Dave: Help! I'm being buried by paperwork!

Vets Ask Dr. Dave: Help! I'm being buried by paperwork!

Those reports aren't going to complete themselves. Ehh, just stay a few extra hours.
Aug 18, 2017

In “Vets Ask Dr. Dave,” CVC educator Dave Nicol, BVMS, Cert. Mgmt MRCVS, answers colleagues’ questions on the business of veterinary medicine. In this episode Dr. Bill in Oklahoma writes with this scenario: “I can’t do anything in my free time, because I spend a lot of time doing paperwork.”

Dave couldn’t agree more that this is a problem: “Vets doing heaps of unpaid overtime is like a serious disease in our industry.” And he has advice, but it’s going to be on you to allocate time more wisely. You’ll need to be smarter about scheduling and more realistic about how much you can actually get done.

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Want more from Dr. Nicol? Go to the full video to hear about faking it until you make it and the peril of being paid on production.

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