Vets Ask Dr. Dave: Am I a fraud?

Vets Ask Dr. Dave: Am I a fraud?

You're not alone in wondering. CVC educator Dr. Dave Nicol takes on imposter syndrome.
Jul 21, 2017

In “Vets Ask Dr. Dave,” CVC educator Dave Nicol, BVMS, Cert. Mgmt MRCVS, answers colleagues’ questions on the business of veterinary medicine. Here, Dr. Mary asks, "Does every veterinarian feel like a fraud, or is it just me?"

"That's imposter syndrome," says Dave. (Pro tip: Check out this CVC-inspired doodle that addresses “why many high-achieving professionals so often feel they're never good enough.”) Don’t hide from the feeling—embrace it! That sensation will push you outside your comfort zone—and toward being better at your job. “If you never feel like a fraud, it’s because you’re not growing,” Dave says.

Want more from Dr. Nicol? Go to the full video to hear about money being hidden from veterinary associates and paperwork from hell.

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