Veterinary team building with football—even for sports haters

Veterinary team building with football—even for sports haters

Foster rivalries (and, yes, camaraderie) on your crew.
Oct 11, 2018

If your veterinary staff isn't into the idea of a barbecue or rolls their eyes at the prospect of a karaoke outing, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Brian Conrad, CVPM, has another idea for spirited team building: A weekly football poll.

It's simple: Print out the game matchups each week and have employees predict the winners. There's no money involved; the one who picks best just gets a small prize—and the right to talk trash the following week.

Before you object that your practice is populated by the gridiron clueless, hear Conrad out:

"Trust me—three quarters of my staff don't know the first thing about about football," he says. "That's what upsets me the worst, as I get beat every week!"

So, whether they scrutinize stats or select based on uniform color, Conrad's teammates simply enjoy the process.

(Brian assured us off camera that it's not necessarily a requirement that employees favor his beloved Seattle Seahawks.)

Watch the video for more.

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