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Personnel management

The flea control toolkit

Is it just us or does it feel like fleas are just everywhere? When veterinary clients don't see the need for year-round prevention, you and your team have your work cut out for you. Here's help. (With an educational grant provided by Zoetis)

Doodle: A quick count cycle for your veterinary drug inventory


If you have a pulse and dread the days spent counting inventory, this is the doodle for you.

When did everybody get so rude?


And what can we do in veterinary practice, and in the wider world, to bring back some old-fashioned rules of courtesy, civility and respect?

No filter: Open letters to the self-branded ‘b’-word


To the women in the veterinary profession who’ve been led to believe they’re bitches for being assertive: It’s time to change that.

Psst … Here’s the buzz on your ‘no gossiping’ policy


Could your veterinary practice’s gossip policy get you in hot water with the National Labor Relations Board? Maybe.

Revenue strategies

Why one expert thinks your average transaction needs to go down


The metric you should be measuring is client spend per year, says veterinary analyst John Volk—and it's likely to be higher if you ease the sticker shock.

Posts and tweets on client payment options


Nobody in veterinary practice likes to talk about money, but everyone needs to. Would it help if you educated veterinary clients early about the kinds of options that most excite you and your team, whether pet insurance, payment options or preventive-care plans?

10 business resolutions for 2018


Sure, you’ve given yourself expectations and goals for the new year, but how many of those apply to your veterinary practice? Here are a few suggestions to chew on.

Are you the veterinary tooth fairy?


The elusive, bicuspid-loving tooth fairy is making money from her work with teeth. Are you?

Your dermatology cases are more than skin deep


Dermatology cases make medical and financial sense as a focus for many veterinary hospitals.