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Personnel management

Is your wellness plan strategy ailing?


If talking wellness plans makes you yawn or cringe, just imagine how your clients feel! Freshen your approach—and your marketing—to help more patients receive high-quality veterinary care.

Front desk vs. back office: Heal the rift


Is your clinic split like the Hatfields and the McCoys? Bash Halow explains how to repair the rupture.

Toxic teams affect patients too: A veterinary behaviorist’s view


The damage caused by one bad experience may never be reversed.

A former felon has applied to your practice. Now what?


Avoid violating anti-discrimination laws the same way you avoid malpractice claims.

What conflict? Where?


Almost three-quarters of veterinary practice owners and managers think they’ve got a clear picture of their hospital’s culture -- and roughly half think they’re doing a good job at managing team conflict. The rest of the team? Judge for yourself, but it’s like the bosses might be digging themselves a hole.

Revenue strategies

Get an "A" on our equine prepurchase exams


The basics of practice protocols to ensure your equine veterinary practice's prepurchase exams are above board, legally wise and profitable.

The dentistry pep talk you need


If cleanings and extractions aren't flowing like water spray during dental procedures, let veterinary dentistry advocate Dave Nicol, BVMS, get you pumped.

The Trump card: The economy after our crazy election


Based on the financial data on hand and past trends, here’s what I think the new year could bring for our nation’s veterinary practices.

Pet insurance: Fact and fiction


A study by analyst John Volk on behalf of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association uncovered some key findings that may surprise you—and some you likely knew all along.

Friends with benefits: When discounts get out of hand


Price cuts put smiles on veterinary clients’ faces. But your practice can suffer if you overuse them. Then what do you do?