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Personnel management

Save that firing for the end of the day


Veterinary managers: Sometime you'll have to terminate an employee (if you haven't already). Do it in a professional, respectful way.

Ask Katie: How do I handle an underperforming employee?


Our resident veterinary practice management expert Katie Adams, CVPM, counsels a new practice owner on how to handle an overpaid and ineffective employee.

4 simple rules for hiring the perfect veterinary team


Write these down, stick to them and watch your dream veterinary team come together.

Helping employees manage their emotions


Temper tantrums, dark clouds over heads, frowns that just won’t turn upside down? Here’s some advice on how to put the Partridge Family back into your veterinary practice, when all you hear is Black Sabbath.

Scrub the tight scrubs? A conflict over veterinary workplace attire


What do you do when an employee's appearance creates a distraction in the veterinary clinic? An edgy but necessary dilemma.

Revenue strategies

3 must-have retail items for your hospital


Three managers share retail items their veterinary hospitals can’t live without. Some are big sellers, some the veterinarians just love, and some just fit so perfectly into services they can’t say "no."

Can you afford that new veterinary equipment?


Probably. Run some quick and easy math for your veterinary practice and your financials using these basic calculations in this printable PDF.

Why one expert thinks your average transaction needs to go down


The metric you should be measuring is client spend per year, says veterinary analyst John Volk—and it's likely to be higher if you ease the sticker shock.

Posts and tweets on client payment options


Nobody in veterinary practice likes to talk about money, but everyone needs to. Would it help if you educated veterinary clients early about the kinds of options that most excite you and your team, whether pet insurance, payment options or preventive-care plans?

10 business resolutions for 2018


Sure, you’ve given yourself expectations and goals for the new year, but how many of those apply to your veterinary practice? Here are a few suggestions to chew on.