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Personnel management

How do I know if I need a practice manager?


It’s never a bad time to have an extra set of hands, but here’s some guidance on when adding a veterinary practice manager makes the most practical and financial sense.

How to chart associate salary


Here’s how this veterinary practice COO/CFO uses two charts to inspire unmotivated doctors and eager new hires alike.

Stop hiring 'multitaskers'


You think you can do lots of things at once (or your boss thinks you can). But is multitasking in veterinary practice always the right choice? And is hiring people who think they can do five things at once really helping you in the long run?

Old School, New School: Dishing deep dark secrets


Delving into the innermost thoughts of Drs. Codger and Greenskin sheds new light on both sides. Time to learn about the meaning behind their motives.

Ask Katie: Can’t work with them, can’t find a replacement


When veterinary team members are shirking their duties and there isn’t exactly a line of applicants willing to replace them, what are you to do? Our practice management expert Katie Adams, CVPM, has answers.

Revenue strategies

Pet insurance comparison chart


What should veterinary professionals and pet owners care about when considering pet insurance plans? Here's the latest information from some of the nation's top pet insurance providers.

Practice tip: Use rewards card for cash back on veterinary purchases


This financial manager, who loves her Capital One card, asks her colleagues, “What’s in YOUR wallet?”

9 free tips from the Fetch dvm360 conference


Missed Fetch dvm360 in Virginia Beach, or didn't make it to these sessions? Here's a taste of veterinary practice management and medicine tips all over the place at the show ...

New veterinary telemedicine service aims to save clients time, money


LiveDVM offers virtual appointments to pet owners and a business opportunity for veterinarians.

Up-to-date data about U.S. veterinary practices

dvm360 shares key performance indicators from veterinary practices in partnership with Sikka Software.