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Personnel management

Veterinary Technician Week is over, but I'm not done!


DVM confession time: I'm nothing without my vet techs.

Saying 'no' to a veterinary pharmaceutical rep


This practice owner puts the kibosh on freebies to his veterinary team. Is that fair?

A tug of war over veterinary receptionist tasks


Q: What percentage of practices, large and small, would you say have the receptionist duties include taking the client into the exam room, pulling vaccines and filing and dispensing medications from the veterinarian at the end of the office visit? I feel it’s a lot of work for the front office team and takes them away from the phones and reception desk. The practice owner feels it would increase the payroll percentage too much for a technician to do.—Overworked

Get staff buy-in and reduce veterinary team turnover


Staff turnover is a costly waste of your team's time.

Can associates motivate the veterinary team?


Although associate veterinarians may not manage or own the practice, Denise Tumblin, CPA, says there are several ways they can—and should— motivate team members.

Revenue strategies

4 lessons learned from a veterinary practice price audit


Who’s called in to help? Who’s doing the work? How long does it take? This hospital administrator used innovative software to tackle tough questions with DVMs and team members.

Old idea, new approach: Price auditing in veterinary practice


Digging into what it really costs your veterinary hospital to provide a new service.

Are veterinary hospitals using forward booking?


You might be surprised at new data—courtesy of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association—that shows how often practices proactively schedule appointments for clients before they leave.

Feeling financial pressures? CVC panel says you're not alone


Experts in Kansas City discussed financial, generational and gender issues.

Why I hate discounted exams—and love free vaccines


Use your prices to show clients you value your veterinary staff's time and knowledge.

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Prevent GDV in your at-risk patients with this simple technique.

Stretch your skills to earn more in veterinary practice

Finding new tasks could be the key to generating more income for your practice—and boosting your pay.

Veterinary community stunned by Sophia Yin's unexpected death

Prominent veterinary behaviorist died of suicide Sept. 28.

Study shows sustained salary slump for veterinary support staff

Since 2009, technicians paid by the hour have experienced a bump in pay, but pay for other team members has stayed stagnant, according to data from the 2014 Firstline Career Path Study. Here’s a look at changes in team pay from 2009 to 2013.