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Personnel management

They didn't teach us emotional intelligence in veterinary school


Dealing with co-workers can be as stressful as handling patients, says this vet tech.

Don’t drag your paws with employee reviews


Do employee reviews fill you with dread due to anxiety over difficult conversations, losing valuable work time and having to rely on your struggling memory? Don’t dig in your heels. Proper preparation can make the task easier and your feedback more valuable.

Double identity: When you’re veterinarian and practice manager


Are you a high-flying veterinarian by day and a reluctant veterinary practice manager by night? I don’t want to take the wind out of your cape, but your neglected alter ego may need a boost.

Becoming a no-declaw veterinary practice


Deciding to not offer declaws anymore was only the first step. The next steps involved training our team and updating our materials. Here’s how we did it.

The "perfect practice manager" checklist


If you can answer affirmatively to all 10 questions, you just might be perfect. If not, we have some reading suggestions that can help you make some valuable tweaks to your life and your veterinary clinic.

Revenue strategies

Your dermatology cases are more than skin deep


Dermatology cases make medical and financial sense as a focus for many veterinary hospitals.

Become a budget building whiz—really!


Practice manager by day, accounting wizard by night. Or so they’ll think. Trick your boss into thinking you actually know what you’re doing by building a budget for your veterinary practice in five minutes. No, really!

Remind yourself about reminders


Have you recently been reminded to remember to revisit your reminder system to remind pet owners about the importance of remembering their pet's care? Sorry, this sentence sounded better in our heads than written out. Let's just dive in ...

Pharmacy—profit or problem? 4 major mistakes you may be making


Are you making these mistakes? In this 1-hour on demand webinar, presented by Vetsymposium and Norbrook, Debbie Boone, CVPM, teaches you how the "four Cs" pharmacy system can help you regain your profit and protect your practice from theft and competition.

Boost cat visits at your veterinary practice with Fear Free


Patient and pet deserve a better experience—and it will pay off in increased cat traffic.