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Personnel management

4 steps to stellar staff meetings


Veterinary practice managers: Staff meetings are expensive. Plan ahead (and stick to the plan) to get the most out of your time and money.

Practice owners: This is what your team members really care about


Of course veterinary team members care about their wages, but as Denise Tumblin, CPA shares in this video, their other main concerns may surprise practice owners. Watch to find out what the Benchmarks study has revealed.

I discovered the hospital director was embezzling


This 2016 dvm360/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year entrant turned suspicion into an investigation, an investigation into an arrest, and an arrest into a happier practice.

How can I help if I think a veterinary colleague is depressed?


There are lots of ways to approach this conversation. Steve Noonan, DVM, who's lived through his own depression, has these suggestions.

Pounce on good behavior


Saying "thanks" doesn't need to be mushy, sappy or awkward. Here's a quick tip (and a tool, too!) to appreciate your veterinary team members from Jessica Murphy, CVPM, a 2016 dvm360/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year contestant.

Revenue strategies

Pay attention to your practice's "lapsing patients"


Run the report. Reach out to clients with those patients in a consistent and regular way. It'll be like your veterinary practice management software is just handing you money (maybe, sort of).

When veterinary clients spend the most—and the least


Does every veterinary practice in the country get crushed by a revenue drop in the winter months? We set out to prove what every wise veterinarian seems to know.

Tip: Practice software cheat to a quicker check-out


We slam the “8” key for invoices to save time for receptionists, technicians and veterinarians.

Who gets credit—cats or dogs?


This survey answers the question (maybe) of who has better credit: cat owners or dog owners?

6 lessons from my year of wellness plans


Don't get sick of wellness plans before you even start! I was enthusiastic about wellness plans at my veterinary practice, but even I ran into hiccups getting clients to sign up and team members to offer them. Here’s what I learned.