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Personnel management

Protect your thyroid


I got sick after decades of taking radiographs as a veterinary technician. Learn from my mistakes. Protect yourself.

Don't fire after a CE conference


This practice owner and Get Sh*t Done conference speaker counseled colleagues to wait for a bit after being away for a conference before terminating a problem employee.

'What?! I didn't see nothin ... '


This is what can happen when past employers aren’t honest about possible new veterinary hospital hires.

The greatest story ever told: Yours


While speakers at Uncharted's Get Sh*t Done conference talked about branding, hiring and personnel management, they seemed to be telling a story about the power of stories: your team members' and your practice's.

2 questions for scary conflicts


After you get a complaint, but before you make a decision as a veterinary practice owner or manager about employee discipline or big process changes, this kennel-attendant-turned-practice-owner told conference-goers to ask themselves and others two important questions.

Revenue strategies

Letter to Vetted: You’ve got pet insurance all wrong!


An RVT with 15 years’ experience writes us to say a DVM who worries that pet insurance will go the way of human healthcare insurance is all wrong.

Strategies to help clients pay for veterinary care


Life happens, and it’s rife with accidents (which cost money). How can we help clients cover the costs of veterinary care so they can take care of their pets while we still cover our bottom line?

How can you WIN without a SCORE?


Goals in veterinary practice management are great, but they don’t mean much if we don’t execute a plan to achieve them.

Vets versus clients: Dermatology


When it seems like a pet has a dermatology issue, what happens next? Is it right off to the veterinary hospital, or do pet owners skip the DVM and head for Dr. Google? Data from the Pet Owner Paths study illuminates the differences between you and your clients on what happens next.

Q&A: What's fair for a relief vet?


Ask around and do some research, says Dr. Karen Felsted to one brand-new relief veterinarian on the scene.