A veterinary hospital tour to remember

A veterinary hospital tour to remember

Veterinary Economics Hospital of the Year winner is opening his practice to CVC San Diego attendees.
Oct 01, 2011

If you're attending CVC San Diego, you're in for a treat. Dr. Bob Cartin, owner of Mission Animal and Bird Hospital in Oceanside, Calif., is the winner of the 2011 Hospital of the Year award. Conveniently enough, his practice is just a half-hour bus ride from the San Diego Convention Center, home to CVC San Diego. And he's invited anyone who's interested to come tour the practice, meet his design team, and enjoy cocktails and appetizers—all on the house. (Actually, the costs are on Babuscio Construction, the contracting firm that built the facility.) For details, visit http://thecvc.com/hoytour.

Personally, I can't think of a nicer way to spend an evening during CVC. At the end of October, days in Southern California are warm and nights are cool and pleasant. I've looked at many pictures of this hospital, but it would be wonderful to walk through it and see in person the many unique features that make it stand out from the rest: an aviary and cat adoption center in the reception area, a multipurpose room that draws everyone from Boy Scouts to animal rescue groups, and Dr. Cartin's state-of-the-art treatment area. (For a preview, visit http://dvm360.com/2011hoy.) Then it would be nice to spend an hour or so socializing with you all and sipping wine on the patio. I just hope there's room for me on the bus!

This tour is simply the most recent example of the graciousness and professional passion that seem to characterize Dr. Cartin. During our annual Hospital Design Conference this year in Kansas City, he gave a presentation on his facility, as is customary for our Hospital of the Year winners. However, unlike other winners who tend to show up to speak and then go eat barbecue (and who can really blame them?), Dr. Cartin stayed for the entire conference. He sat in on lectures, participated in panels, and chatted with attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, learning what others were doing in their practices and also sharing his own ideas. No less a seasoned practice owner and hospital building veteran than Dr. Ross Clark was taking notes like a schoolkid during his conversation with Dr. Cartin.

Some other Advanstar employees and I recently received a note from Dr. Cartin that said, "Thank you for all that you do to advance our profession. The work that you do improves the lives of veterinarians and their teams as well as pets and their families." And I have to say right here that we couldn't do what we do without people like Dr. Cartin—and all of you who share your lives with us by writing articles, agreeing to be interviewed, attending CVC, posting on http://dvm360.com/, and participating in all the other forums we offer. Your stories and your passion inspire us to want to serve you better. I can't think of another profession that's so full of people marked by graciousness, compassion, and intelligence. I know we have our faults and challenges, but compared to the rewards, they're minor. So let's get together and celebrate at Dr. Cartin's hospital during CVC San Diego. See you there!

Kristi Reimer, Editor

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