Veterinary Economics' November issue is now online

Veterinary Economics' November issue is now online

Hot off the press, you’ll find tips and tricks on choosing practice software, boosting revenue, and much more.
Nov 16, 2009
By staff

If you’ve ever shopped for practice software, you know how overwhelming the process can be. This system has certain features you love, but that one runs faster. This one would require less training, but that one’s cheaper. What’s a practice owner to do?

Take the advice of software security expert Mark Ransom: Question everything. To find the perfect software for your practice, create a list of questions to ask vendors, then find the answers. Click here to read Ransom’s full step-by-step process for buying practice software.

Are you sick of hearing about the recession? Give your practice finances a kick in the pants by following Denise Tumblin’s revenue-boosting tips you can take to the bank.

That’s not all. We’ve also got tips to help you streamline payroll dutiesmotivate team members to reinforce your recommendations, utilize an employee intranet, protect yourself from radiation, talk to clients about Cushing’s disease, and much more.

Click here to read all the November content.

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