Veterinary Economics' April content is now online

Find tips on surviving the recession, bridging the generation gap, creating a Web site, and more.
Apr 08, 2009
By staff
Spring has sprung, and our April issue is now online to help you survive economic showers. Click here to read our cover story, “Stay dry in the financial storm,” which offers 17 tips on boosting your practice’s finances. Equine practitioners: check out “Shelter from the economic storm,” which gives advice on stimulating team morale in a gloomy economy. And check out Mark Opperman’s article, “The next wave of veterinarians,” to discover veterinary students’ biggest concerns about the industry.

We have plenty of other advice and tips for you as well, including strategies to increase your parasite retail sales, suggestions on developing your practice’s Web site, and one veterinarian’s opinion about off-duty interactions with clients.

Click here to view all the April content.