Veterinarians: Trouble or opportunity?

Veterinarians: Trouble or opportunity?

It's all up to your own thinking and attitude.
Jul 01, 2013

No one is an optimist every day. Sometimes pragmatism ("It's time to stop dreaming and start getting real"), skepticism ("I'm not sure that'll work—prove it"), cynicism ("I've seen this before, and it won't end well") or even pessimism ("That glass is a half empty, and we all know it's evaporating too") win out over the veterinary practice team's hearts and minds.

But we can always strive for more positivity and see life's inevitable troubles as chances for creative solutions. Take the growing popularity of the shelter or rescue animal as a great pet. A pet owner who hasn't invested in an animal from the very beginning, who wasn't there for that magical time of kitten play or puppy breath, could be less invested in medically necessary care and preventive health, right? Why? A co-worker of mine recently spent far more time, money and personal effort on adopting a dog from a rescue and rehabilitation program than he would have buying a brand-new litter mate from a pet shop. He's wedded to this adult dog—and he just met him a few weeks ago! The story starting "Preserve your relationship with the rescued pet generation" explores ways you can bond with new clients with rescue and shelter animals—an opportunity.

What about trouble selling your practice? Thoughts of retirement just a handful of years away? This is one of many wake-up calls for today's practice sellers who may need to craft growth and change in their future. But a practice owner's work starting today to improve finances, team building and more will pay off for the future sale and a practice's legacy—an opportunity Read about it starting "Resource list: Fixing a low veterinary practice valuation".

With this year more than half over, ask yourself: Were you beset by roadblocks that derailed, denied and damaged? Or did life challenge you to change and grow? Your answer is less about what happened and more about how you handled things. And every day is a new chance to change your perspective.

Brendan Howard, Editor

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