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Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member Bob Levoy is a seminar speaker on personnel management, profitability, and practice growth. In the course of his career, he has conducted over 3,000 management seminars for business and professional groups, Fortune 500 companies, and leading colleges and universities throughout North America and overseas. Among them have been hundreds of veterinary medical associations. Bob holds three degrees from the University of Connecticut and Columbia University; and has written seven best-selling books including 101 Secrets of a High Performance Veterinary Practice and 222 Secrets of Hiring, Managing and Retaining Great Employees in Healthcare Practices. Bob has hosted a jazz radio program in the New York market (as Bob Collins) for the past 12 years and has been a volunteer reader for Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic for over 20 years.

2 steps to uncover job applicant lies
March 18, 2014

Often the people who pad their r?sum?s are the ones you'd least expect.

4 red flags in veterinary job candidates
March 1, 2014

Notice what candidates are (or aren't) doing in the interview, and you're more likely to choose the right person for the job.

4 red flags to look out for in potential veterinary team members
February 4, 2014

By noticing what candidates are (or aren't) doing in the interview, you're more likely to choose just the right person for the job.

Bring back boomerang employees to your veterinary practice
February 1, 2014

When frequent turnover happens at your practice, rehiring former team members saves time and money.

Veterinary clients' biggest doctor complaints revealed
January 1, 2014

Knowing what makes clients tick can help you resolve compliance issues at your veterinary practice.

Mandatory CE: Right for your veterinary team?
December 1, 2013

A more knowledgeable team means a better experience for clients.

Don't do this: 4 ways to kill employee morale at your veterinary hospital
November 1, 2013

Bob Levoy reveals the common approaches that dampen team members' spirits and offers tips for boosting optimism.

Get loyal clients through authentic emotional connections
October 1, 2013

Four crucial tips that put gratitude, respect and compassion into everyday client interactions at your veterinary clinic.

The most underrated job in veterinary practice
July 1, 2013

Low pay, difficult conversations and plenty of grunt work. That's right, it's ...


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