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Articles by Dennis Cloud, DVM

Dennis Cloud, DVM

Dr. Dennis Cloud graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1968. He then pursued postdoctoral study for two years at Colorado State University as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Public Health Service. In 1971, he started Rock Road Animal Hospital as a one-doctor practice. Today, the practice has grown to five doctors, 30 employees, 13,000 clients and 26,000 patients. In 199, Dr. Cloud founded Cloud Veterinary Center in St. Charles County, Mo. Dr. Cloud is a member of the American Animal Association, the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association, and the Pfizer Biological Board. He also serves as a Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member. Dr. Cloud has been married to his wife, Sharon, since 1967, and the couple share six children, four grandchildren, three Labrador retrievers, and a parrot.

Give clients real recommendations
February 1, 2007

Don't dump veterinary healthcare choices in clients' laps. You're the expert, so don't be afraid to tell them what's medically necessary.

Don't let weak recommendations sabotage compliance
February 1, 2007

In this video, Dr. Dennis Cloud shares the advice he gives his associates to help them get clients on board with recommendations for care.

Slowing down the rumor mill
January 1, 2005

News travels fast in my clinic. How can I keep information private until I'm ready to disclose it to my staff?


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