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25 cool tech tools for veterinarians
Check out this list of tools and apps that can help you become more productive—and might even make you a better veterinarian.


Cynthia Johnson, DVM
Dr. Johnson is a 2011 graduate of the Virginia Tech School of Veterinary Medicine. She is also the former marketing director of the Veterinary Business Management Association. These are the computer-based tools she wouldn't want to live without:

1. TED Talks
A website devoted to the most inspirational and intellectual speakers of our day, all at your fingertips for free. Find talks organized by categories or search through an alphabetized list of speakers. This is a resource famous in business and educational circles. More than 1,000 talks are now available for viewing. It's a great lift at the end of a hard day.
PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone

2. Evernote
This is the electronic equivalent of clipping out and filing magazine articles. The application lets you sort and store almost any kind of electronic data and access it easily later.
PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone
Free to $45 per year

3. StumbleUpon
This tool makes it easy for you to find interesting websites, photos, and videos. Just choose your interests and StumbleUpon sends you to websites that other users like you have enjoyed. It's a wonderful tool for discovering new resources.
PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone

4. Google Voice
Google Voice gives you a phone number you can associate with your other numbers. The tool customizes call forwarding and voicemail messages based on who's calling. For example, you might choose to send calls received before 5 p.m. to your office phone, and calls after that to your cell phone. Google Voice also transcribes voicemail and provides free calling via Web or smartphone to the United States and Canada.
PC, Mac, smartphone

5. Dropbox
Using this app is Dr. Johnson's preferred way to move and store files online. Access files when you're away from home or share data—home videos or photos—with family, friends, or coworkers.
PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone

6. SweetHome3D
Maybe you're moving or maybe you're just rearranging the furniture. This Java-based software lets you make sure everything will fit in your new home or apartment. It shows you a 3D model of what your place will look like when things are done.
PC, Mac



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