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Vacationers can't stay away from work
Are you a veterinarian who checks e-mail and phone messages during the family road trip?


Vacations are a chance to unwind and get away from work for a while. But a new survey in Canada shows the majority of workers don't completely cut ties to their jobs and businesses while they're relaxing at home or frolicking on a sunny beach. A full 57 percent of people surveyed by job-search Web site say they do some work via e-mail or phone while on vacation.

Twenty-three percent of the respondents occasionally check their e-mail and messages while on vacation. Seventeen percent said they make themselves available for emergencies. Another 17 percent said "they never really stop working."

If you are one of the desperately needed (or desperately obsessive) owners, associates, or team members who just can't stay away from practice life on your own time, CNN offers five excellent tips to stop working while you're on vacation. Click here to read that article.



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