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Make over your veterinary career with Shawn McVey
Image consultant Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, is here to help you make over your professional image by being the best friend you never wanted.


How you present yourself directly affects how others perceive you—and the business you represent. If your image isn’t polished and professional, team members will have less respect for you, clients will have less confidence in your practice, and less money will get spent on veterinary services.

This is why we asked image consultant Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, to channel his inner Clinton from TLC's What Not to Wear and take our victim—err, new veterinary practice manager—Wendy Blanco, RVT, of the Cat Clinic of Johnson County in Lenexa, Kan., on a wild ride through the women's department. It wasn't always easy to be center of attention, but Blanco took one for the (veterinary) team and let Shawn transform her style from fun in scrubs to professional chic.

Discover why you deserve a makeover and click on the following video clips to transform your professional image for the better. Hear Shawn's expert advice on...

How to dress

Dress right for the veterinary client

Personal style is 20 percent of your look in veterinary clinic

Dress like the veterinarian's peer

Duck this veterinary fashion "don't"

How to handle makeup

Spell out your veterinary hospital's makeup policy

How much to spend

What to spend on your new veterinary professional look

Where to shop

Scout these stores for veterinary professional attire

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