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BizQuiz: Is your practice a great place to work?


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You love working with animals—and maybe people, too—but a poorly run practice with inefficient, rude coworkers and managers (is that you?) can be hard. Take this quiz to find out if your practice is one in a million or one for the trash heap.

1) Delegation at your practice means ...

A: Team members are trained and responsible for doing things, so doctors can handle more complex work.
B: When you’re asked to do something, you’d better figure it out fast.
C: Get out of the way and let the doctors do it.

2) Bullying at my practice includes ...

A: Nobody.
B: A few team members.
C: The boss.

3) When it’s time for employee evaluations at my practice ...

A: My boss gives constructive criticism and asks for my input.
B: My boss usually focuses on things I’ve done wrong.
C: My boss pretends there’s no such thing.

4) Encouragement at your practice comes in the form of ...

A: Kind words as well as shared team goals and team rewards, or individual bonuses based on specific goals.
B: The occasional “thanks” and “good job”.
C: A regular paycheck.

5) When one of your coworkers regularly shows up late or doesn’t follow practice policies, the boss ...

A: Warns of the infraction privately, writes up the team member, and on the third infraction terminates employment.
B: Tries to change the coworker’s work ethic by publicly complaining about it.
C: Ignores it.

6) When you show up for work in the morning, you ...

A: Smile with satisfaction at the job you get to do every day.
B: Frown with frustration at the problems you see with an otherwise good practice.
C: Watch the clock and pray for the day to be over.

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