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All customers complain and complain alike
Consumer complaints are submitted by all types of people.


A long-held belief that factors such as a client's income, race, education, and age affect his or her likelihood of complaining about a product or service has been challenged by a study published in the spring 2010 issue of the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

Researchers from Marquette University, in Milwaukee, Wis., analyzed more than 24,000 complaints filed at a local Better Business Bureau office over a 13-year period and compared them to U.S. Census Bureau data. They found that income, education level, race, and age are not linked to complaining behavior, which goes against traditional assumptions that people who are poor, less educated, young, or members of a minority group are less likely to file a complaint. But two groups did appear to complain less—those with lower incomes and those who live in rural areas.

This study serves as a reminder that customer service is important for all your clients. Make sure you don't prejudice clients and you don't give anyone a reason to complain.



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