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6 ways to find perfect "10" employees


Trust me—you have "10" employees in your town, no matter how small it is. Gather your own batch of top-notch employees with these tips:

1. Write job descriptions. If you don't know what you're looking for, how will you find it?

2. Reel in receptionists. When you're at a restaurant and staff members provide excellent service, compliment them and offer your business card. Ask whether they've ever wanted to work in a veterinary hospital. Many will tell you they didn't know that was possible.

3. Go on tour for technicians. Check veterinary technology schools and veterinary-specific job Web sites like http://CareerSniff.com/.

4. Reward for referrals. Turn your entire team into headhunters. Pay $250 to an employee who recruits another employee, and after six months of successful employment pay him or her another $250. New "10" employees will be knocking down your door.

5. Excel at education. Many "10" employees aren't allowed to be "10s" because we set them up for failure. We throw new hires into the pool without training and expect them to tread water or drown. Instead, try phased training. Break jobs into their component parts, and train a new employee on each part over a period of three to four weeks.

6. Pay fairly. Top employees require appropriate pay and benefits.



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