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2007 article index: Authors last names S-T



Salzsieder, Karl
Pet food recall: The legal lowdown (sidebar), May, p. 29

Schell, Dr. Julie
Caring for senior pets and the owners who love them, March, p. 17

Seibert, Philip J.
Keep track of hazardous materials, Jan., p. 26
Salary vs. hourly pay, Feb., p. 27
Extinguish fire safety worries, March, p. 22
Avoid your own Andromeda strain, April, p. 17
Protecting teens and volunteers at your practice, May, p. 17
Protect yourself from making OSHA infractions, June, p. 21
Keeping newbies safe, July, p. 20
Dot every poked eye, cross every bumped knee, Sept., p. 18
Robbery prevention tactic No. 12: trained attack cat, Oct., p. 22

Sewell, Dr. Suzanne
A piece of the pie, April, p. 16

Silverman, Dr. Bruce
Support your sub, April, p. 84

Stone, Dr. Ronald
We need to hospitalize more often, Nov., p. 76

Swift, Dr. W. Bradford
Clear the fear, Feb., p. 66
The 7 deadly sins of practice, March, p. 65

Tumblin, Denise L., CPA
The healing environment, Sept., p. 26
Say what?! Don't believe everything you hear about fees, Oct., p. 30
Reinvent and renew, Dec., p. 16



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