Valuable veterinary resources on the Web

Valuable veterinary resources on the Web

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Jul 01, 2008

Jeff Rothstein, DVM
When the March issue of Veterinary Economics arrived, I was excited to see the finished product. I had been interviewed for "The Paperless Plunge" article, and I also contributed a sidebar. But as I read through it, I realized some of my stuff didn't make the final cut. "Edited out again!" I thought. I e-mailed editor Kristi Reimer and asked her what had happened to the piece she'd asked me to contribute. She told me that it was a Web-exclusive article, posted at I was embarrassed. I didn't realize Veterinary Economics posted Web Exclusives. I realized that when I read veterinary journals, I wasn't paying attention to the online "extras" because they seemed like a lot of extra work when I was sitting comfortably reading—far away from the computer.

When I finally did venture on to to find my article, I saw that I was missing out on a whole wealth of information. I found a great client handout in the Forms section called "Feline Heartworm Q&A." I printed off a high-quality version of this handout so I could make copies for my clients. And now I'm actively using this form in my practice.

My message here: Don't be lazy like I was. When you see the "Look Online" boxes in Veterinary Economics, take a few minutes to check them out or print off a client handout that is more informative and professional-looking than what most of us could make. With my new feline heartworm handout, I know we'll get many more feline patients on year-round heartworm preventive, whether the cat is indoors or outdoors.

Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member Dr. Jeff Rothstein, MBA, is president of The Progressive Pet Animal Hospitals and Management Group in Michigan. Send questions or comments to

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