Use a flea comb to catch clients' attention about parasites

Use a flea comb to catch clients' attention about parasites

Having trouble getting through to your clients about parasite protection? Give them an up-close look at fleas in the exam room.
Mar 01, 2011
By staff

As with many veterinary practices, some of Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care's clients are under the impression that fleas aren't a problem in the winter. Unfortunately, many of these Portland, Ore., clients were in for a rude awakening following a flea surge this past fall—one that has carried over through the winter months.

"The most surprised clients are people with indoor-only cats," says associate Dr. Krissy Bussmann. "I always tell people: Fleas don't hibernate in the winter, they just go where it's warm." Unfortunately for some clients, that warm spot is often a cozy spot in a pet owner's carpet, or nestled down in a piece of furniture.

To help educate clients, nothing is more effective than showing clients the flea infestation. So let them look over your shoulder as you take a flea comb through the patient's coat. Many times a client simply needs to see the creepy critters instead of just hearing about them. "Seeing a flea jump out of the flea comb will make a believer out of anyone," Dr. Bussmann says.

It's a simple tool but an effective one, Dr. Bussmann says. With any luck, that's all it will take to get clients involved in the fight against fleas.