Top 5 leap year "tails" of all time

Top 5 leap year "tails" of all time

Warning: The cats and dogs you're about to witness have taken extreme leaps of faith and lived to bark or purr about it.
Feb 28, 2012
By staff

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Leap year hits the calendar once every four years, but your veterinary patients aren’t averse to leaping into trouble every day of the year. In honor of Feb. 29, check out these five perilous pups and courageous cats that took a leap of faith and lived to bark or purr about it, courtesy of VPI.

1. Shayna the oyster diver

Shayna, a Labrador retriever from Holiday, Fla., jumped off a sea wall and into a canal, which wasn’t too far-fetched, since this leaping Lab loves the water. However, because it was low tide, Shayna fell onto a bed of sharp oysters, which led to treatment for multiple lacerations. Shayna has made a full recovery and enjoys her days leaping into the family swimming pool for a daily dip.

Photo of Shayna courtesy of VPI .

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2. Remi the frantic fox terrier

Remi, a fox terrier mix from Clearwater, Fla., leapt out the backseat window of a moving vehicle when her leash snapped under the restraint of her pet owner. Remi suffered multiple abrasions to her legs, chest, and snout and was also treated for a soft tissue injury. Today, Remi has fully recovered and she plays Frisbee with her owners every evening.

Photo of Remi courtesy of VPI .

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3. Lincoln the loyal Labrador

Lincoln, a yellow Labrador retriever from Boulder, Colo., is a Frisbee fanatic. While playing Frisbee with his owners in an empty lot atop a parking garage, the wind blew the disc off course, and it went sailing off the top of the parking garage—and loyal Lincoln went leaping after it. Within seconds, Lincoln was airborne, and he fell two stories to the ground below. Not knowing what to expect, Lincoln’s owners found him with a slight limp but still earnestly searching for his Frisbee. Lincoln’s veterinarian treated him for a soft tissue injury, and luckily the Labrador made a full recovery.

Photo of Lincoln courtesy of VPI .

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4. Cujo the camping pooch

Cujo, a Maltese from Chicago, joined his family for a camping trip and went for an unsupervised spin on a play park merry-go-round. As the whirling intensified, Cujo couldn’t hang on and gravity forced his leap to the ground below. Cujo was treated for soft tissue trauma and released to his owners to enjoy the rest of their holiday. Did Cujo return to the park playground? Access denied!  

5. Baxter the curious cat

Baxter, a curious cat from Seattle, leapt 11 stories from a building ledge after nudging an apartment window open just enough to slip through. Though the feline’s fall led to a broken collarbone and dislocated sternum, the emergency veterinarian was primarily concerned about the fluid surrounding the cat’s heart and lungs. Baxter was hospitalized for four days while doctors closely monitored his condition. He has since returned to his home and has made a complete recovery.

Note: All pets highlighted above made full recoveries and their owners received insurance reimbursements for eligible expenses.

Photo of Cujo courtesy of VPI .