Top 10 human medical conditions that affect pets

Top 10 human medical conditions that affect pets

From allergies to acne, pets often suffer from the same conditions as their owners.
Oct 05, 2009
By staff

Allergy sufferers know the frustration of fighting off the sniffles and sneezes when allergy season rolls around. But humans aren’t the only ones who suffer from allergies—pets do too. In fact, allergic reactions were the No. 1 source of pet insurance claims for “human” conditions in 2008, according to Veterinary Pet Insurance. Here’s the entire list of the most common conditions that affect both people and pets.

1. Allergies—63,761 claims
2. Bladder infection—23,915 claims
3. Arthritis—19,537 claims
4. Diabetes—8,590 claims
5. Skin cancer—2,114 claims
6. Gum disease—1,748 claims
7. Acne—705 claims
8. Stomach ulcers—584 claims
9. Cataracts—495 claims
10. Laryngitis—382 claims

Allergies were also one of the top pet insurance claims in 2008 among all pet medical issues, not just ones that also affect humans. Skin allergies accounted for the second-most claims among dogs, and the sixth-most claims among cats.

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