Thanks for making my job great

Thanks for making my job great

I can tell you from experience that time flies when you're having fun. And there's no doubt, this job is fun. You all are a big reason that's true.
Mar 01, 2008

You share your ideas. You share your concerns. You call. You visit when we're at trade shows. You tell me when you agree. You tell me when you disagree—and you're almost always nice about it. You're a wonderful, generous, gracious group. And I've enjoyed working with you and for you as the editor of Veterinary Economics.

Eight years ago I took this job. I really can't believe it has been that long. And today I'm passing it on.

Marnette Falley. Photo by Mark McDonald.
I'm very pleased to introduce Kristi Reimer as the new editor-in-chief. You know her work, even if you've never met her. As the managing editor of Veterinary Economics, her last post, she helped keep everyone here in line. It was her job to make sure we stuck to our schedule, dotted every "i" and crossed every "t," and delivered the best magazine we could every month. Now she's taking the helm.

I know you'll find her as wonderful to work with as I have. And please, share with her in the same ways you have with me. Your feedback helps our team more than you know. You help us achieve our goals for the magazine by sharing your goals and letting us know where you want help and where you agree and disagree. You keep our team on target, which makes you an enormous asset for any editor.

Lucky for me, they're not throwing me out in the cold to work with physicians or dentists or anything terrible like that. I get to stay here and keep dreaming up ways that our team of publications can help you. And right now, we're focusing on making our Web sites easier to use, even more rich in content (and that's saying something), and more integrated. So, I anticipate having more fun.

But it will be different, for sure. How many times do you suppose I've gotten on my high horse in the last eight years and argued that change is good? I'm not going to count. But you all can smile while you think of me getting a big old dose of my own medicine.

You've made my time with Veterinary Economics so rewarding. I can't thank you enough. I wish you happiness and success and all that is wonderful about the practice of veterinary medicine today and down the road.

Marnette Denell Falley, Editor

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