Tackle your top 10 veterinary practice management problems

Tackle your top 10 veterinary practice management problems

Stories from the Veterinary Economics archives help you overcome your biggest hurdles.
Aug 01, 2008
By dvm360.com staff
1. Managing employees

Salary vs. hourly pay: Are you sure you know who's overtime-exempt?

Three strikes you're out! A fair, systematic way to terminate employees

6 low-cost ways to rev up your team: Hold onto them with praise and challenges

Personnel with personal problems: When private lives affect your practice

2. Client compliance

Talking teeth with timid clients: Encouraging clients to keep pets' chompers clean

Using staff to gain senior care compliance: The team is key

Are you communicating your value to clients? How to explain why your recommendations are the right choice

3. Running the business

Make sure new equipment pays off: Before you take the leap

Find the right exit: How to retire

A team that saves the day: A lawyer, an accountant, and a veterinary consultant

4. Managing time

Take five: A few minutes after every appointment can ease your day

Strength of heart: Make time for yourself to be healthy and happy

Staving off burnout: Lessons to avoid the ultimate career-killer

5. Life as an associate

Does practice ownership pay? Running the numbers

6 ways to derail your career: Avoid these mistakes to keep clients happy and your job safe

Use these 7 mantras to fit in at any hospital: Tips for associates

6. Keeping up with change

Reinvent and renew your practice: The biggest change of all

Keep up with OSHA rules with Phil Seibert's Legal Ease column

Need News, Medicine, or Business information? Dvm360.com has you covered.

7. Charging appropriately

Are you an underearner? Learn how to earn what you deserve

Shop till we drop: Respond to price shoppers with the right message about fees

Don't believe everything you hear about fees: Busting myths about veterinary charges

8. The recession

The R word: Recession. Handling the slow economy with confidence

Downed economy? Veterinarians fretting about slowing business

Don't blame ailing revenue on recession: Lessons from a previous downturn

9. Cash flow

12 painless ways to save money

When to go out on a limb: Handling accounts receivable

Fatten up your revenue

10. Attracting clients

Why clients leave: Don't lose your best clients—the ones you've got already

Get advice from marketing expert Linda Wasche

Nothing is insignificant: The smallest details say loads about your practice to clients