Survey: Employees walk when trust wears thin

Survey: Employees walk when trust wears thin

Sep 13, 2010
By staff

Veterinary practice owners and managers: Do your employees trust you? International accounting and consulting firm Deloitte recently released its fourth annual “Ethics and Workplace Survey.” And according to its findings, you probably have a few skeptics in your midst.

Deloitte’s survey showed that 46 percent of job hunters say they’re looking for other employment due to lack of open communication from leadership. Forty-eight percent of employees contemplating a different job say a loss of trust would give them the extra push to move on when the economy improves.

What this means to you: Start talking to your veterinary team about what’s important to them. Would team members have more confidence in the practice if they knew a little bit more about the bottom line? No, you don’t have to hand over a full financial report. Although, one veterinarian thinks you should. See related links for Dr. Ross Clark's reasoning. But you can keep team members clued in on when they’re doing an excellent job at selling services or when they need to push more products. At the very least, don’t lie to employees.

For tips on how to strengthen the bonds within your practice, see the related links below.

Don’t trust your employees? Click here.

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