Strengthening the border by strengthening the border guards

Strengthening the border by strengthening the border guards

Underwater treadmill therapy keeps patrol dogs in top form.
Dec 09, 2009
By staff

To keep in peak physical condition for patrolling the border between the United States and Mexico in Laredo, Texas, the guards like to hit the treadmill. In this case, the treadmill is an underwater treadmill, and the guards are the border control dogs.

The U.S. Border Patrol in Laredo bought the underwater treadmill to ensure their dogs' working lives last as long as possible in the hot, rugged terrain they tour every day. Increasing the resistance while a dog walks or runs on the treadmill builds the dog's muscle mass. And since the exercise is low-impact, underwater treadmills also help get the dogs back in shape in a safe and controlled manner if they experience muscle strains or even develop osteoarthritis.

Your clients want to ensure their dogs remain healthy as long as possible too, even if they're only patrolling the borders in the backyard. See the links below to discover the benefits of treadmill therapy and other forms of rehabilitation therapy.

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