Streamline your senior care to improve compliance

Streamline your senior care to improve compliance

Here are strategies to encourage internal and client compliance that work:
Sep 01, 2008

Here are strategies to encourage internal and client compliance that work:

Make sure everyone is on the same page. We use a chart that lists recommended procedures for every age, such as blood pressure and thyroid hormone measurements. The chart is a quick reference for receptionists when they're checking in clients. We also created "canned" estimates in the computer for routine wellness exams for senior pets. The estimate includes examination, lab testing, parasite preventives, and so on, so nothing gets missed.

Talk to your lab about custom panels. We arranged for a customized senior wellness panel with our referral laboratory. Because we run so many, our lab gives us a discount on cost. We pass that savings on to clients.

Teach team members. Schedule a staff meeting to teach the basics about common problems in senior pets. I encourage our team members to run lab work on their own pets, so they can see the benefits firsthand.

Dr. Laura McLain is an associate at Central Valley Veterinary Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Send your senior care compliance tips to us at

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