Stop sabotaging your veterinary team members

Stop sabotaging your veterinary team members

Revisit the status quo and get your practice procedures dialed in.
Jan 23, 2018

Your clinic runs like clockwork because you have a system in place and that's that, right? Are you sure? Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, is here to share a cautionary tale witnessed with his own two eyes—a client care representative who is tasked with admitting a lobby full of patients right as the doors open.

"It dawned on me how often we set up our teammates to fail," Halow says. "If [the client rep] doesn't do a good job, our answer is regularly, work harder, be happier, let's send her to a communication lecture."

But he thinks the system is the problem, not the employee. If ever there were a time to "work smarter, not harder," he says this is it.

"What if we were all to just have a team meeting about the status quo, take a look at it, and see if we can improve upon the situation?" Halow asks.

Your patients, clients and staff will benefit from this clinic contemplation.

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