States ranked by friendliness to small business

States ranked by friendliness to small business

Jan 20, 2010
By staff

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council has published its latest Small Business Survival Index, answering the question, “How friendly is your state to small businesses like yours?” The trade group looks at dozens of criteria and scores the 50 states and Washington, D.C., accordingly.

See where your state falls on the list this year, ranked from friendliest to least-friendly policy environments for entrepreneurship:

Small Business Survival Index 2009: State Rankings
(Ranked from the friendliest to the least-friendly policy environments for entrepreneurship)

1. South Dakota
2. Nevada
3. Texas
4. Wyoming
5. Washington
6. Florida
7. South Carolina
8. Colorado
9. Alabama
10. Virginia
11. Ohio
12. Alaska
13. Tennessee
14. Utah
15. Indiana
16. Arizona
17. North Dakota
18. Missouri
19. Mississippi
20. Georgia
21. Oklahoma
22. Kentucky
23. Michigan
24. Illinois
25. Arkansas
26. Kansas
27. Pennsylvania
28. New Mexico
29. Louisiana
30. Wisconsin
31. Montana
32. Idaho
33. New Hampshire
34. Nebraska
35. Delaware
36. West Virginia
37. Maryland
38. Oregon
39. North Carolina
40. Connecticut
41. Iowa
42. Hawaii
43. Minnesota
44. Massachusetts
45. Rhode Island
46. Maine
47. Vermont
48. New York
49. California
50. New Jersey
51. District of Columbia

When it comes to state and local property taxes affecting property owners and leaseholders, the top five states were Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Delaware, and New Mexico. The worst were Rhode Island, Wyoming, New Jersey, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Electric utility costs were lowest in Wyoming, Idaho, Kentucky, West Virginia, and North Dakota, with the highest in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

Click here to open a PDF of the full report.

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