Start campaigning for your feline veterinary patients

Start campaigning for your feline veterinary patients

Kick off a kitty crusade to get cats into your clinic.
Jul 01, 2011
By staff

We're kicking off a Kitty Crusade to address the shortage of medical care that many cats experience. It's not uncommon to see a kitten for its initial set of vaccines but then not see it again until it's much older and is acting sick. Had that cat been brought in for regular checkups and care, it's possible the illness could have been prevented.

Our Kitty Crusade will include informational materials, a coloring contest for children, and a raffle for cat-related prizes that will be used to encourage cat owners to keep their cats up to date on medical care. We hope this educational campaign will bring important issues to cat owners' minds so that their cats can lead longer and healthier lives.

—Dr. Keith Rode Woodland Veterinary Hospital Woodland, Calif.

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