Spay-neuter guidelines rolled out

Jul 07, 2008
By staff

For the first time ever, a task force of 22 veterinarians from all over the country have compiled guidelines for spay and neuter clinics. The guidelines are based on acceptable practices that all spay-neuter programs can use and that set a bar for spay-neuter clinic performance. The Association of Shelter Veterinarians hopes the guidelines will help advance shelter medicine. Task force members say assembling these guidelines will go a long way toward increasing public confidence in spay-neuter programs—and help keep more pets out of shelters. The guidelines will also focus more attention on the role spay-neuter clinics play in controlling pet populations and could lead to more funding for such programs.

The guidelines were published in the July 1, 2008, issue of JAVMA. For the full text of the article at the AVMA's Web site, click here.