Soup up your savvy in management sessions

Soup up your savvy in management sessions

Aug 01, 2006
By staff

Continuing education puts gas in your engine—new ideas, new enthusiasm, and new solution to that problem you dread. And it’s time to pull up to the pump at CVC Central.

For the first time in my life, I bought a car because I wanted it—not because it was the practical choice. A 1995 white Jeep Wrangler. And now I’m excited to walk out to the driveway on a sunny day and drive into work. That’s a great thing, right?

Ideally, we all find ways to make sure we arrive at work happy. Of course, it’s easier to do when work is going well. Who’s not happy when the practice is cruising and the team spends plenty of time celebrating their successes? That’s the life…

But is it the life you’re living? When you listen to your practice, does it sound more like a Model T out for a Sunday drive—or like a silver Corvette with a joy ride in the offing?

To keep your practice humming, the editors of Veterinary Economics tap successful practitioners and national consultants to put together a management program at CVC Central that addresses your top challenges, from personnel management to fee setting and client relations. We hope the toughest thing you do during your stay in Kansas City, Mo., will be choosing which great session to attend.

Three powerful management tracks every day—including an advanced track that’s designed for those with five or more years of experience—and more than 65 hours of sessions let you customize your experience. So you’ll get the expert advice and apply-them-today strategies that you need to address that thorny problem back at the practice—or to kick your team’s energy and efficiency up a notch. There’s nothing like the power of a few days away and a truckload of new ideas to fuel your sense of purpose.

Want to know more? Download a PDF of the management program to get all the details about speakers and topics. Then sign up to join us—and prepare to feel a little more pep when you take your job for a spin.