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Achieve more with Facebook and Twitter

The Veterinary Economics team wrote Facebook posts and tweets for your team to use to raise awareness of key health care issues with your clients and to help you encourage clients to visit and get the care their pets need. Get started today! ...

Facebook posts and tweets

Posts and tweets on: Heart disease

Topics like congestive heart failure are difficult to explain to veterinary clients. We wrote out some social media posts to give you a hand.

Posts and tweets on client payment options

Nobody in veterinary practice likes to talk about money, but everyone needs to. Would it help if you educated veterinary clients early about the kinds of options that most excite you and your team, whether pet insurance, payment options or preventive-care plans?

Posts and tweets on: Toxicology

Educate clients and avoid toxicosis cases with these prewritten social media messages.

Posts and tweets about socialization in dogs

You know how important good behavior is for dogs and puppies, even though your veterinary clients might not. What better way to bring it up than on social media?

Two ideas for talking about feline constipation on social media

Do you feel stuck when it comes to educating clients about this common veterinary issue? Here are a couple of ways to get conversation flowing.

Posts and tweets about hypothyroidism in dogs

Your clients probably don’t know about low thyroid hormones, even though they could be seeing the signs. These social media posts can help.

Help veterinary clients speak "cat": Posts and tweets about senior cats

This social media campaign will help you teach your veterinary clients to better read their aging feline friends.

Two ideas for talking about ticks on social media

Looking for new ways to bring up tick preventives on your veterinary practice’s Facebook account? We’ve got posts for that.

Posts and tweets about … Maine coon cats

Show these gentle, fluffy giants some love with these breed of the month social media posts.

Portuguese water dogs: Roll out your own campaign featuring this presidential pup

Bo Obama inspired many to adopt a member of this brainy dog breed. Use these Facebook posts and tweets to engage these dog owners.

Pet weight loss posts and tweets

Pre-prepared Facebook posts and tweets that exercise social media channels to help your overweight veterinary patients.

Posts and tweets about cognitive dysfunction in dogs and cats

Your veterinary clients likely won't volunteer that they're seeing signs of this disease in their senior pets, so make sure you're asking and educating with this social media campaign.

Tweets and Facebook posts for clients on ear disease

Use these informational social media posts to educate veterinary clients on otitis externa and other ear-related diseases.

Gentle giants: Appeal to veterinary clients with Bernese Mountain Dogs using these social media posts

Engage owners online with facts to remind them to schedule a visit.

Bare beauty: Reach out to owners of Sphynx cats with these social media posts

Posting educational and fun facts online can engage owners of every breed.

Use these pleas to stop fleas: Posts and tweets about flea facts and figures

Use your social media network to educate clients and raise awareness about flea facts and figures with these tweets and posts.

Get ticks off your patients' backs: Posts and tweets about tick facts and figures

Use your social media network to educate veterinary clients and raise awareness about tick facts and figures with these tweets and posts.

Posts and tweets about feline heartworms

Use your social media network to educate clients and raise awareness about heartworm disease in cats with these tweets and posts.

Posts and tweets promoting pet safety on Halloween

Help your veterinary clients forget the fright and keep pets safe this Halloween.