Shawn G. McVey, MA, MSW

Shawn G. McVey, MA, MSW

Shawn McVey, MA, MSW, is owner of McVey Management Solutions (formerly IVMS), a consulting business that specializes in improving health care delivery systems and correcting workplace culture. He is also a member of the Firstline and Veterinary Economics editorial advisory boards. He regularly leads a range of practice management sessions at CVC Washington D.C., CVC Kansas City, and CVC San Diego.

Ready to see Shawn live—and ask him your questions in person? He will be speaking on the practice management program at CVC in Kansas City on Thursday, Dec. 3. He'll be on the spot to answer your pressing questions and cover these hot topics:

> The case for emotional intelligence

> Commando conversations: Becoming conflict competent

> How to build a conflict competent team

> Leaders or managers: What's the difference?

> How to rally your associates to be practice leaders

Register for CVC K.C. Dec. 3 to 6, 2015, here.