Serve veterinary clients these nutritional nuggets

Serve veterinary clients these nutritional nuggets

Beef up your online presence to help patients eat better and lose the weight.
Feb 01, 2013
By staff

Is a healthy dose of client education on your practice's social media menu? If not, we have just what the doctor ordered—10 prewritten Facebook posts and tweets all about pet nutrition and obesity. View to use the facts below on your practice's Facebook and Twitter pages. You'll also find more handcrafted client education on fleas, ticks, behavior, diagnostics, and dental care.


Quick tip: Finicky felines often prefer wet food over dry, so canned diet foods may work better for your cat. #pets #pethealth #petcare

DYK? If your dog is just 5 lbs overweight, it's at risk for serious medical conditions. #pethealth #pets #petcare

If you can't feel your #pet's ribs, your pet is definitely obese. So can you feel 'em? Let us know—we can help! #pethealth #petcare

#Pet diet failing? A medical condition like hypothyroidism or Cushing's disease may be causing your dog's excess weight. #pethealth #petcare


Fatty fact of the day: If your pup is overweight, it's not a question of IF it will develop a related illness, but rather how many and how soon. Who wants to start a doggie exercise program?

Quick quiz: How many calories does a 20-pound dog need? A) 275 calories, B) 1,200 calories, or C) 500 calories (Have a dog and don't know the answer? Schedule an appointment and we can talk about it.)

Is Scarlett snubbing the dry food she needs on a diet? Warm it up and try adding ketchup or oregano, or even adding a splash of an omega-3 fatty acid supplement or salmon juice on top of the food. Would this appeal to your pet?

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