Sample veterinary wellness plan

Sample veterinary wellness plan

When you bundle services for veterinary clients, you should accommodate a variety of needs.
Jun 01, 2011

To accommodate a variety of clients and patients, practices should offer several levels of wellness plans. Here's an example:


> Annual vaccine boosters
> Two scheduled comprehensive physical exams
> Heartworm test (dogs only)
> Feline leukemia/feline immunodeficiency virus test
> Two intestinal parasite fecal exams
> Annual deworming for roundworms and hookworms
> Interstate health certificates (when needed)
> Office calls/exams during regular hours
> 5 percent discount on services not in plan


Everything in the Primary plan, plus:
> Complete blood cell count
> Microscopic exam of blood cells
> Liver screen
> Kidney screen
> Pancreatic screen
> Cholesterol screen
> Diabetes screen
> 10 percent discount on services not in plan


Everything in the Basic plan, plus:
> Urine sediment exam
> Urinalysis
> Dentistry prophylaxis and cleaning annually, or spay or neuter
> 15 percent discount on services not in plan


Everything in the Basic Plus plan, plus:
> Electrocardiograms twice a year
> Chest radiograph (three views) annually
> Additional urinalysis
> Additional urine sediment exam
> 20 percent discount on services not in plan

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