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DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jun 01, 2003
Answer to practice woes could be as simple as 'who's answering the phone'
Sep 01, 2002
Nashville, Tenn.- As the University of Tennessee's (UT) veterinary college and hospital reopens following a historic three-day government shutdown, DVM educators say the state legislature's impasse on a budget not only is to blame for the closure, but also signifies an economic crunch of national proportions.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jul 01, 2002
By staff
Bob, an 8-year-old West Highland Terrier is waiting. Bob used to be 'Bobby' but the years have aged him. Bob's owners, John and Sarah, have been somewhat neglectful of Bob.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: May 01, 2002
Providing estimates on veterinary procedures can often tip the scales on acceptance or anger about fees.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 01, 2002
Las Vegas-A syndicated pet columnist says more and more pet owners are complaining about veterinary fees, whereas veterinarians and management experts dismiss the argument but say it signals the importance of improved communications in practice.