Resources for paying off veterinary student loan debt

Resources for paying off veterinary student loan debt

Check out these tips for living with veterinary student loan debt.
Dec 08, 2014
By staff

> I paid off my student loans in five years
This young veterinarian got free of her six-figure debt fast—and she’s loving the freedom it brings.

> Could you pay off your veterinary student loan in 26 months?
A practitioner offers his family's plan for budgeting and working to pay down $110,000 in school debt.

> Video: Practice owners and student debt
The success of the profession and the well-being of the individual are intertwined.

> Video: Take on more debt? Are you crazy?
How buying a veterinary practice can be a path out of student debt.

> Veterinary student debt: How much is too much?
Q: Considering the low pay of starting salaries for veterinarians, how much debt should a student take on

> David vs. Goliath: One veterinarian's epic battle against student debt
"Someday I might want to own a home, buy a veterinary practice or drive a car that tracks in a straight line. These simply won't be possible with the immense burden I'm facing."

> Fact: Debt doesn't discriminate
Veterinarians aren't the only ones saddled—clients deal with it, too.

> The veterinarian's guide to budgeting: Don't buy what you don't need
Actively thinking about what you need versus what you don't will help you stick to a real-world spending plan.