Resources for cat owners from the CATalyst Council

Resources for cat owners from the CATalyst Council

Jul 18, 2011
By staff

Client education is paramount in the fight to improve veterinary care for cats. The nonprofit CATalyst Council has produced two resources—a brochure for clients and a how-to video for acclimating cats to the carrier—in its mission to improve the health of cats nationwide.

Click below for links to these valuable resources, and don't miss Dr. Karen Felsted and John Volk's article on improving feline care at your veterinary practice in the July 2011 issue of Veterinary Economics.

> "CATegorical care: An Owner's Guide to America's #1 Companion" (download the PDF for free; hard copies for purchase)

> CATAlyst Council's video library, including a two-step cat carrier training series

> The AAFP's 2008 Senior Care Guidelines, 2011 Feline Friendly Handling Guidelines, and more