Prepare your veterinary team for new equipment

Prepare your veterinary team for new equipment

Give your team an outlet to express concerns and the jolt they need to embrace any new equipment purchase in your practice.
Oct 01, 2013

Last month, we looked at financing in this three-part series all about maximizing your use of the top three pieces of equipment you said you were adding to your practice (according to the 2013 Veterinary Economics Business Issues Survey). This month, we'll take a look at how to fire up your team about the new services.

You did it. You took the plunge and now you're the proud owner of a therapeutic laser, digital radiography or another new piece of equipment. So what now? How do you make the most of this big honking investment and keep it from collecting dust in the back of the clinic?

Spark your team's interest

First, it's essential to educate your team members and get them on board with the new service, says Dr. Karen Felsted, CPA, MS, CVPM, president of Felsted Veterinary Consulting in Dallas. She says if you're talking up digital radiography to pet owners, you want your team to back you up when clients whisper to them, "Is it really that much better?"

This is where your team meeting comes into play. (See the sidebar "Run a team meeting all about a new service" for a sample meeting agenda.) Dr. Felsted says in order to ensure staff compliance, laser in on how each piece of equipment can benefit pets and pet owners. For example, you could tell your team, "With digital radiography, the images are going to be much clearer and sharper—this will help us more clearly identify problem areas and make a better diagnosis. The more accurate the diagnosis, the easier it will be to present treatment options to our veterinary clients."

"If they can't see the benefits, then it's just one more hassle in their workday," Dr. Felsted says.

Felsted also says that hands-on training is a must—depending on your team, you may want to conduct several of these intro sessions.