Practice pride keeps teammates satisfied

Practice pride keeps teammates satisfied

Let your veterinary team members own their work and see satisfaction soar.
Jul 03, 2018

When it comes to the idea of workplace satisfaction, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, is a reformed cynic. Though he used to consider the very phrase hollow and hackneyed, a cliche on par with "have a nice day," he has come around and now sees workplace satisfaction as a worthy goal.

So, if morale is down in your clinic, it might be time to let team members take possession of their jobs. In this conversation with Sarah Wooten, DVM, Halow describes the organizational value of putting power in their hands, citing a 2013 study (discussed here) that links ownership of one's work with professional fulfillment.

"Employees that have a sense of ownership have more workplace satisfaction, they are more productive and they have more citizenship in the workplace," he says.

Halow says this adds up to employees who are proactively on the lookout for the clinic's best interests—which in turn contributes to their own.

Another finding from the study is the connection of ownership with personal image. "We collect our identity from the things we own," as Halow puts it. Can you connect the dots?

"Employees that own their work are more responsible for it, they exact more pleasure from it and they're more loyal to it in general," he says.

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