Portal to another dimension

Portal to another dimension

Strap in and hold on for the ride. We've just launched dvm360.com—and you're on board!
Aug 01, 2008

If you have been a regular visitor to the Web site formerly known as vetecon.com, you may have noticed a somewhat startling change the last time you visited. That's because that URL now takes you to dvm360.com, the new online home of all our content—which is side by side with content from DVM Newsmagazine, Firstline, and Veterinary Medicine.

That's right, we've rolled out a new portal site. And as proud as we are of our new wormhole into the veterinary cosmos (sorry; as a closet sci-fi geek I can't stay away from the bad Star Trek puns), I know change can be a little unsettling. So let me offer a brief overview of how it works.

The whole idea behind this endeavor is to make the work we do in Veterinary Economics and our sister publications accessible in one spot, to enhance it with interactive elements, tools, and multimedia components for a richer experience of what you're already familiar with on our print pages, and to make it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for. To that end, we've grouped our content according to three main categories—News, Medicine, and Business—and also sliced and diced it by role—team member, equine practitioner, associate, and so on.

So, for example, if you're a practice owner or manager looking for information on firing a problem employee, you could hit the business tab on dvm360.com, mouse over the "Personnel Management" button on the left, and click "Hiring and Firing." That click, logically, takes you to a list of Web and print pieces from Veterinary Economics—but hey; what's this? Sprinkled throughout the list are articles from DVM Newsmagazine as well. Because when you're looking for help on a certain topic, you're looking for all the trustworthy information that's pertinent to your situation. If you're looking for something highly specific, you can use our new, more powerful search function to comb the site for your key terms.

Maybe you're dying to sound off on the legislation passed in your state that's going to turn your practice upside-down for a while—or you want to ask your colleagues how they're dealing with it. Head on over to the community and dive into our message boards. You can also blog, post pictures, and more while you're there.

However you decide to use dvm360.com, we hope it will be helpful, valuable, and even entertaining. And if you have suggestions, please let us know! Because we're all on this ride together.

Kristi Reimer, Editor