Photos: Nutramax goes ape for gorillas

Photos: Nutramax goes ape for gorillas

Great apes are targets for poachers, but in this Rwandan preserve, they’re a target for better veterinary care too. A Nutramax executive director shows his tales and pictures of the wild mountain gorillas veterinarians care for.

March 24, 2016
By staff

(Image courtesy Robert Devlin)

"Locally and globally"

When animal-loving celebrity Jack Hanna heard that Nutramax Laboratories wanted to help animals “locally and globally,” he pointed to Rwanda.

“Hanna asked if we could do something for the doctors helping mountain gorillas in Rwanda,” says Robert Devlin, executive director of Nutramax’s veterinary science division. Nutramax last year sent not just money to support gorilla veterinarians’ work, but a video film crew (with Devlin in tow) to see the work being done for people and animals in a country so recently ravaged by a genocidal war. (Watch that here.)

Devlin shared with us his pictures of the “Love your pet, Trust your vet” visit as well as some of the facts and stories he picked up along the way ...