Pee please! Tips to collect a cat’s urine

Pee please! Tips to collect a cat’s urine

Tackling that tricky tinkle issue? Here’s how to help your veterinary clients lock in that golden urine sample from their kitty.
Jun 14, 2018

You’ve seen the fear—the whites of clients’ eyes—when you ask for that urine sample.

“You want me to get what from my cat?!”

Yes, you reassure them. They can. They will. They must collect that all-important liquid gold.

Use this client handout to get clients in the flow of catching their cat’s pee.


Urine collection handout

I enjoyed your client handout re: urine collection; very client-friendly. I instruct clients to leave the urine at room temperature, rather than refrigerate it, since the laboratory we use did a study showing no increase in contaminated urine cultures when urine specimens were left at room temperature for several days versus being refrigerated, and refrigeration definitely increases non-physiologic crystal formation. Would you comment on your decision to have clients refrigerate the sample? Thank you.