An open letter from veterinary associates to practice owners

An open letter from veterinary associates to practice owners

Do you have the power to improve your associates' work life? Data from Benchmarks 2015: A Study of Well-Managed Practices (Veterinary Economics and Wutchiett Tumblin and Associates) and associates' feedback to the 2016 Firstline Career Path Study show how associates really feel about you, your practice and their work.
Feb 04, 2016
By staff

Dear Practice Owner,

You may not know this, but I really, really do care about this practice. I worry about the bigger picture, including:

And you, as the practice owner, could really, really help me out if you could just fix this thing that’s been making this job even tougher than moving mountains and saving lives—the foundation of our daily work lives. I really wish you would:

Before I joined this practice, I really wish you’d told me:

So, dear practice owner, can you help me?


Your associate (who really, really needs your help to stay positive about the future of veterinary medicine)


P.S. Here are a few more frustrations associates shared from the 2016 Firstline Career Path Study:

“I’m frustrated because I’m working hard, always in demand because of someone’s needs. I’m not getting lunches or getting out of work on time and I’m not getting compensated enough for the extra effort.”

“We’re suffering from a lack of change and not moving forward because the current owner is comfortable.”

“Long hours working—with extra time spent with client communication, records and emergencies—make it difficult to have a fulfilling work/life balance.”

“Money-related issues are causing compassion fatigue.”

“At my current job I’m not paid enough for what I do. My earnings for 2015 are significantly less than the average starting salary for a new graduate, and I graduated five years ago.”