Online roundup: The best inventory management articles around


Online roundup: The best inventory management articles around

Turn around your equine practice inventory troubles with this trio of editor-picked articles.
Nov 29, 2011
By staff

For many equine practices, business winds down in the winter. That means it's an ideal time to rev up your inventory management, keeping more money in your pocket by monitoring inventory turns.

Because we noticed that readers have been searching for articles on managing equine practice inventory online, the editors of dvm360 and Veterinary Economics have hand-picked a selection of articles on the topic.

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1. Need a pep talk?
Read "How excess drugs and supplies make your practice sick"
Are you sick with EII—equine inventory irritation? You're showing symptoms if you pay only one vendor a month, your drug distributor demands cash on delivery, or you're waking up with night terrors because of accounts payable. Jim Guenther, DVM, MBA, CVPM, has the three-step cure.

2. Need an exhaustive plan?
Read "Give your practice an inventory intervention"
Practice management guru Mark Opperman, CVPM, shares his nine-step program for inventory intervention that works for equine, small animal, and mixed practice environments.

3. Need your advice short and sweet?
Read "Q&A: Improve your inventory management"
The first step, says Elise Lacher, CPA? Know what you have on your truck. And then make—and use—lists.

4. Need to set up a system with a worksheet?
Read "Harness your inventory in equine practice"
If you can control a horse in the stall, why are you letting inventory problems run roughshod all over you? Use this interactive spreadsheet from Gary Glassman, CPA, to pave the way to clear inventory pastures.

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