Nonveterinary practice ownership: The future ... or a fad?

Nonveterinary practice ownership: The future ... or a fad?

Practice owners looking for buyers. Team members looking for a lucrative future in veterinary medicine. Is it a marriage made in heaven?
Jan 14, 2011
By staff

New practice owners have big shoes to fill—only it might be team members filling out those size 12s. Don't miss out on your next potential partners: your own employees. Read more about it.

For the practice team, find out about the process firsthand from three veterinary team members who are or have been part-owners. Learn more about their challenges, benefits, and strategies for making it work.

Dive into this interactive map of the United States to learn about the laws in your state affecting nonveterinarians owning practices as corporations.

Watch this video and read this article to learn how Dr. Karl Salzsieder, JD, gets around his state's restriction on nonveterinary ownership by creating a two-tier business structure.

Associates and nonveterinarians: Take this quiz to see whether you're already thinking like an owner or whether you need to change your employee-like thoughts.