Materials mania at the Hospital Design Conference

Get the inside scoop on what materials work with your building project.
Aug 13, 2009
By staff

From flooring to insulation, you have an overwhelming array of materials to choose from when building your hospital. Rather than wander aimlessly through a hardware store or flip through a catalog, why not sit in on an entertaining and informative materials debate Aug. 27 at the Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference?

The panel discussion will feature top veterinary hospital design experts taking questions from audience members. Panelists will then engage in an all-out, fireworks-flying, face-reddening debate about the hospital design questions that keep you up at night. It’s just like reality TV—but with fewer thrown chairs.

The Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference will be held Aug. 26 to 28 in conjunction with CVC Kansas City. Click here to learn more about and register for the conference.