Managing my (crazy) life, from an associate / mom / outdoor enthusiast

Managing my (crazy) life, from an associate / mom / outdoor enthusiast

Jan 02, 2016

Yes, I picked wonderful stuff for my life, but I still sometimes sweat under the weight of work demands, clamoring children, entrepreneurial experiments, and an (occasionally) harried husband. Here’s how I keep from losing my mind, myself, and my patient records in the chaos.

I fess up when I mess up
I routinely fall short as a parent. So I’ve learned to tell to my kids when I’ve goofed. I think that teaches them that parents aren’t perfect and to have grace.

I got over my superwoman complex
In other words, I accept help. I hold a weekly meeting with my spouse on Sunday night to list the week’s crazy tasks and decide as (fair, understanding) partners how to manage it all. And I am useless without my technician. I remember her birthday with a small gift and try to never take her for granted.

I run to burn off the crazy
Truly that saves my sanity and my family’s. A runner’s high is a real thing and it can change my whole outlook on a tough day. Training for races also is fun and challenging.

Oatmeal in the slow cooker overnight
Seriously. Lifesaver breakfast strategy.I also don’t lose my mind over home work, and have been known to pull my kids out for a personal mental health family day. They have their whole lives to learn and I only get to spend 18 years in their daily lives. (And put your kids to bed in their school clothes. But you didn’t hear that from me.)